Top Benefits of Vending Machines in Your Workplace

Employees spend more than half of their lives at work, either at the office, on an industrial site, or hopping between multiple workplaces. As employers, it is important to ensure you foster an environment that supports their productivity, as well as their health and wellness goals.

A key element to workplace productivity is ensuring your employees have adequate access to food, drinks and healthy snacks. Using vending machines like those available from Black Roo in the workplace are a fantastic way to ensure your employees have access to food right at the office or work site, with the added advantage of supporting indigenous communities in the process.

rear view of a woman looking at a vending machine

Five great benefits of vending machines

If you’re weighing up whether or not to install vending machines in your workplace, you need to consider the following benefits.

Low Overheads

Unlike a canteen or food truck, there is no need to pay staff or dedicate a considerable amount of space to the machine. Your only cost is the small amount of electricity required to keep it running!

Ease of Management

One of the most significant benefits of a vending machine is its set and forget nature. At Black Roo, our machines have remote monitoring installed and a delivery schedule based on the needs of your workplace; so that you can enjoy the snacks without any hassle.

Improved Productivity

As hunger goes up, productivity goes down. Instead of your employees meandering offsite to a cafe or supermarket to satisfy their hunger, they can make a quick trip to the vending machine to refuel and keep going. Less time commuting for food means they can grab a quick snack in between meetings or spend a little longer enjoying their meal at lunch, rather than rushing to eat it before their break is over.

Support Lifestyle Goals

Our machines can be stocked with a wide range of nutritious meals and snacks to ensure your employees always have access to healthy alternatives. Whether it is a hearty meal for lunch or a quick and healthy snack on the go, your employees will be thankful for the access to meals that support their goals.

24/7 Access

Our machines will be your hardest workers, running 24/7 to meet the needs of all of your employees. Better yet, with streamlined payment options like Apple Pay and Tap n Go, everyone from the 9-5 crew to the night-shift superstars will be able to benefit from the convenience of an on-site vending machine.

Invest in your employees and Indigenous Communities with Black Roo

Gone are the days of vending machines filled with lollies and junk food!

At Black Roo, we are committed to providing high-functioning vending machines stocked with healthy, nutritious food and drinks while using part of our proceeds to support indigenous communities through Steve Fordham’s ‘Second Chance for Change’ program.

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of vending machines in your workplace and support indigenous communities while you’re at it, contact our team today.

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