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What is BlackRoo Vending?


The BIG difference between Blackroo and other vending operators is that we are Indigenously owned (Blackrock Industries). We are not a franchised company with layers of unnecessary and expensive management, or a large multi – national company, we are solely focused on being the best vending retailer to your workplace in turn growing profits to return back to a community through our Second Chance for Change Programme
This translates into you choosing what you want from our flexible service to get the most out of the opportunity.
Our philosophy on ranging is that we do not have an agenda when it comes to range for example Pepsi Max or Coke No-sugar. In fact, you could have both if you wish. Much like Red Bull and V.
Importantly, we source from local Indigenous companies to give you a slight change in the vending machine.

We want our clients to really enjoy the service by selecting the right products for them. As we stock all the well-known brands, and many others you may never have heard of, we are confident we have something for everyone in your new vending machine in Sydney

Our Meal List

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Great Tucker!


The new age vending machines we place all have remote-monitoring installed. The information is invaluable when making good decisions.

Leading Equipment

BRV provides the latest equipment that is fitted with the latest payment systems. We do “time in motion” study's to create efficiencies.


One of our favourites, the combination vending machine is a great choice for locations that have limited space.

Drink & Snack

Whether just stocking classic range or something different the traditional stand-alone drink machine is great for locations that have 100 staff or more.


Business 100% owned by Indigenous Community leader Graphic designers are traditional Aboriginal artists.

Accountability & Compliance

We carry $20mil Product and Public Liability insurance, all machines are tagged and tested leaving the factory and many more..

BlackRoo Meals

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Our Meal List


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Your Business: Are you currently supplying to a government entity and need to source Indigenous services to fulfil on your mandatory quota? Then we could assist you and you could be helping a community more than you realise?