Types of Vending Machines – What are Your Options?

If you run an office, industrial site or other type of business, it makes sense to install a vending machine to ensure staff and visitors can easily access snacks and drinks when they need them.

Not only do they offer round-the-clock convenience to support increased productivity, but they’re also easy to manage and come with very low overheads.

If you’re considering installing a vending machine in your workplace but first want to know more about the different types of vending machines, this guide provides an overview of the various options, along with some other important features to look for.

woman opening a drink in front of vending machines

Top three types of vending machines to choose from

Drink vending machines

Refrigerated drink machines are an excellent way to help thirsty workers stay hydrated throughout the day.

Generally stocking a combination of water, health, sports and soft drinks, drink vending machines are available in a range of size options with most machines capable of stocking 300+ bottles.

In most cases, workplaces choose to provide a stand-alone drink vending machine alongside a stand-alone snack machine to offer staff and visitors an extensive variety of snack and beverage options.

Snack vending machines

Snack vending machines are another popular option that can prove to be highly valuable in large or busy workplaces.

Often stocking traditional snack offerings like chips and chocolates, most contemporary snack vending machines now also stock a range of healthy snack options.

Combination vending machines

A good option for workplaces with limited space, a combination vending machine can stock a range of both traditional and healthy snacks alongside refrigerated drinks in a single machine, ensuring staff and visitors have complete freedom to select whatever they like.

Extra features to look for in a vending machine

Once you’ve selected the most suitable type of vending machine for your business, there are some other valuable features that will ensure you get the most out of your machine, such as:

  • Energy efficient cooling and LED product lighting – This will ensure products are stored correctly and beautifully displayed without costing a fortune to operate.
  • Healthy snack options – Includes products with health star ratings to support staff and visitors to reach their health and wellness goals.
  • Convenient payment options – Offers customers the option to pay how they want with technology such as Tap n Go and Apple Pay.
  • Remote monitoring – Makes it easy to maintain optimal stock levels.
  • Community support initiatives – Some vending companies (like Blackroo) are involved with various community or Indigenous support initiatives which provide a valuable social contribution.
  • Presentation/artwork – Makes a positive aesthetic contribution to your workplace.
  • Free machine – Zero financial outlay for the machine itself.
  • Product and Public Liability insurance – Peace of mind that you’re protected against injury or damage.

Vending machines with a social conscience

At Blackroo, our vending machines provide all the service and convenience you would expect to find in a premium machine with the added benefit of knowing you’re making a valuable contribution supporting indigenous communities.

100% indigenous owned and operated, part of the proceeds from each of our vending machines is used to support indigenous community initiatives and drive a positive social impact.

Contact us to find out more or enquire about installing a Blackroo vending machine in your workplace.

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